How To Choose The Best Home Inspector in Houston

​Asking the right questions from the beginning can help ensure every potential buyer or seller might choose the best home inspector when shopping around. When you’re in the process of making one of the biggest investments of your life, it’s important that you use an experienced and qualified professional home inspector in Houston to do the job, no matter the cost.

Home inspectors in Houston can be compared to athletes, with skill levels varying greatly. 

Professional Organizations
​Professional home inspection organizations are how most inspectors in Houston and inspection companies continue and grow their education. They help inspectors with keeping up with new and current codes, as well as changes in construction and the latest technology. Ask the inspector if they belong to any professional organizations for the trade. Most professional inspection companies or individuals will belong to one or more professional organizations. These organizations have specific requirements in order to maintain membership, as well as continuing education requirements. Having strict education requirements is very important in keeping inspectors sharp in the field and following the latest best practices. A few of the most recognized professional organizations include:

  • ASHI – American Society of Home Inspectors
  • NAHI – National Association of Home Inspectors
  • NACHI – National Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Experience & Background
Background and experience of a potential home inspector in Houston is one of the questions that should be asked when starting talks with a potential company. How many inspections has the inspector or inspection company completed? How long have they been doing home or business inspections? Does the inspector or inspection company have any construction or engineering experience? If so, what does that include? Have they completed any relevant inspection courses or attended an inspector training school? A good inspector is going to be happy to tell you about their background and experience in the industry. This is one of the first things you should ask about, and don’t be afraid to dig deep.

Asking for references before a Houston home inspector begins work on your expensive investment is one of the most important steps of the process. The more you know about them based on their previous work or contacts, the more you can get an idea of there capabilities and put yourself and your mind at ease. Just asking for references before the work begins is only half of it – you need to call their references and be sure to ask all the right questions.

Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics
Ask the Houston inspection company or inspector specifically, what their “Standards of Practice” are and their “Code of Ethics” that they follow when they complete an inspection. You will be surprised how many things a home inspection covers, as well as what it doesn’t.